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We are specialist suppliers of quality fresh fruit and vegetables to the retail, wholesale, export and foodservice industries.
We are loyal to our producers and FAMOUS with our customers.

If you’d like to talk to us about improving your fresh food supply chain, how we can help you grow your business or how we can add to your menu offering,
give us a call today on 011 435 5964, or start your application to open an account by completing the purchasing facility docs below.

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How to become a Customer

Download Credit App

Download and complete the digital form.
Save your application form & email it to: info@famousfresh.co.za

Print and Sign Credit App

Print out your form, sign all pages and make a copy of the forms for your
own records.

We'll be in Touch

We will be in touch to arrange the collection of the original signed copies and supporting documentation at a time that is convenient to you.

Account Opened

On opening of your account, you will be sent your login details to begin placing your orders online.

Food Trucks - Deliver to your door

Famous for our Freshness!

Our modern, efficient temperature controlled warehouse and delivery vehicles, provide ideal storage conditions so that we are able to maintain the ‘field fresh’ condition that our customers have come to expect through:

High-quality temperature controlled distribution centres which ensure the quality of our produce is not compromised by temperature fluctuation.

Food safety policy, which incorporates an approved supplier programme while constantly developing and maintaining ISO, GFSI, GMP and GAP standards.

We support South African growers wherever possible, helping to reduce food miles to a minimum.

Robust order picking and packing procedures, with a focus on the use of recyclable packaging materials.

Online orders with live pricing, availability, and order tracking to delivery.

A large Foodservice business network.