At Famous Fresh we are passionate about Produce. We supply fruits and vegetables from the market in Johannesburg, and from selected farmers throughout South Africa, who meet our high standards. We love local products. As one of the few wholesale fruit and vegetable distributors in SA, we are able to supply produce of quality and variety even if it’s almost impossible to find elsewhere.

Our sole purpose is to source and deliver the outstanding quality and variety of produce demanded by our retail customers and top SA restaurants. We are usually the first supplier to receive products when they come into season, and we even stock unique products. Just ask us! If there is a product you need and we don’t have it, we can probably source it.

We are privileged to supply some of SA’s most prestigious restaurants and leading chefs. Good quality fresh ingredients are extremely important to these award-winning chefs and we pride ourselves on being able to consistently provide them with an excellent standard of seasonal fruits and vegetables

We distribute fresh produce throughout South Africa and export to African Countries as well. We have our own fleet of cold storage trucks and ensure fresh produce deliveries all year round.

Our vehicles and deliveries: responsible driving

The Famous Fresh flexible distribution fleet runs 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. We have invested significant resources to ensure that our trucks are put to best use. Around two third of all of our fresh produce is collected from suppliers by us on backhaul, to minimise movement of empty trucks.

Our trucks are all monitored by web fleet management system which uses GPS/GSM technologies.This provides two way communication between our trucks and the office. We are able to monitor temperature of all our fresh produce deliveries, track, trace and report information in real-time and monitor the safety and security of all our drivers.


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