Famous Fresh Quality Promise

Our company policy serves to provide our customers with only the best quality produce, whilst maintaining the highest standards by utilizing relevant food legislation and food safety regulations. We aim to achieve this by constantly developing and maintaining ISO standards, and by recently incorporating GFSI in all relevant standards.

Growing Responsibly

At Famous Fresh we take responsibility for the environment very seriously. Here are just some of the ways we are minimising our impact on the environment:

  • We have minimum management standards which seeks to support sustainable
    development, good manufacturing practices (GMP) and good agricultural practices (GAP).
  • We support South African growers wherever possible, helping to reduce food miles to a minimum.
  • Around two third of our fresh produce is collected by us on backhaul, to minimise
    transportation of empty trucks.
  • Where possible Famous Fresh  uses packaging materials which can be recycled.
  • We are committed to reducing waste. We support worthy causes, such as Epilepsy SA,Chubby Chums and the Sunshine Organisation, ensuring we give something back to the local and wider community. At Famous Fresh we don’t believe in throwing away produce. Any produce not sold and still edible is donated to these charities.
  • Our purchasing strategy for new vehicles includes using only Euro 5 vehicles.
  • All our truck drivers receive advanced driver training and our delivery routing systems are carefully planned to ensure maximum fuel efficiency.

Our trucks are all monitored by web fleet management system which uses GPS/GSM technologies. This provides two way communication between our trucks and the office. We are able to monitor temperature of all our fresh produce deliveries, track, trace and report information in real-time and monitor the safety and security of all our drivers.


Pack House

Regular Microbial tests are done at the facility, including water testing and pesticide residue testing.


We source packaging from reputable suppliers who are ISO 9001 approved, and we’re starting a drive to use eco-friendly packaging in order to reduce our carbon footprint.


We source product solely from compliant suppliers to ensure our consumers purchase products which are harvested and packed according to food safety legislation. The Famous Fresh QC team ensures all product entering the facility and products which are dispatched meets our customers and company standards and specifications.


At retail level product received is again checked for quality before it is placed on the shelves.